A Raspberry Pi and Arduino-powered robot, featuring control over WiFi (C.O.W) and a live video feed. Read more about it here Written in Arduino C and Python for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the PC.!

Meet SmartBot and control it via WiFi while watching live video feed

ICD-9 Entry manager and lookup

A web-application utility to aid doctors quickly find diagnosis through a simple yet fast and efficient tool online. Read more about it here and view a demo of the latest stable release here. Written in Javascript and jQuery for PC and mobile.

A Screenshot from ICD-9 Entry Manager and Lookup
A Screenshot from ICD-9 Entry Manager and Lookup

Web Application Framework

A PHP framework offring CMS properties. This project is no longer maintained. Read more here. Written in PHP.

Kruvi in the Pumping Station

A simple game I made to study game-making. Take a look here. Developed on HaxeFlixel.

A Screenshot from the game
A Screenshot from the game

Social and Community

Project Venus

The Israeli Space Agency (SELAH) and the French Space Agency (CNES) have developed a satellite payloading a multispectral camera developed by El Op Electro-optic industry (Israel). I participate in the project and help analyze the big data received from the satellite.

Hackathon IAI 2016

In 2016, Israel Airspace Industries has announced a Hackathon event in the theme of technology and innovation. Several students from my school, along myself, visited the Israel Airspace Industries center, worked 12 hours with students from Ort Flight and Space, Ma'ale Adumim and won the first place. See the algorithm we designed, our presentation and our research here. Here's us presenting it.

Observetory Guide

In Ort Rehovot, where I study, an observetory has been constructed, providing us a Meade LX200 16-inch telescope. I'm currently undergoing a course to operate the telescope. More project regarding this are waiting in the future.

Film and Literacy

My Grandfather Told Me

A book I'm writing with Ziv S. about two teenagers that live in a world after a war, fighting for freedom although the war has been settled.